Vasse Nature Playground

Vasse Nature Playground near Busselton in South West WA

We recently visited the Vasse Nature Playground.  It’s a fantastic play space for children of different ages, although some of the equipment is very high, so smaller children may not enjoy it as much.

I have a very active just turned 2 year old who absolutely loved it, but he kept climbing to the top of the fort and then couldn’t get down!

We put together a little video of our adventures at the park.  The day we were there, there was a birthday party so we couldn’t film the seating or bbq area – but there is a fantastic shaded bbq area with seating.

The only thing the park lacks is shade over the play equipment … and toilets!

Features of Vasse Nature Playground

The park is quite unique and features a polished concrete slide.  The slide is quite steep but the end is low to the ground so it is fairly safe – even for my 2 year old who absolutely loved it!  There’s a large sandpit and tunnel and so much for the children to climb!

Lots of balancing beams and rocky outcrops for them to test their balancing skills.

The large fort is very high, but my 2 year old could climb up easily.  The only way down is to climb down or slide down the fireman pole though, so guess who had to climb to the top and carry down my 20kg 2 year old lol.

Vasse Nature Playground in Pictures


Vasse Nature Playground near Busselton in South West WA


The Vasse Nature Playground is located on the corner of Amberjack Avenue and Napoleon Promenade, opposite the Display Village in Dawson Estate, Vasse.

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