Toilet Training – How We Used Books to Encourage Our Son

Best Toilet Training Books to encourage them to use potty or toilet

Toilet Training.  Two words that send even the sanest parent to the bottle shop.

But it is summer … the perfect weather for encouraging your little person to use the toilet … or potty … or in our case, the lawn.

Whatever approach you use to toilet train your little one, one thing is for sure, extra encouragement is always very helpful.

Books to Encourage Toilet Training

When it came time to helping our eldest through this milestone, we took him to the library and got every single book we could find on toilet training, potties and underpants.

We read them over and over again … until we seriously knew them word for word.  He absolutely loved them.  And it did help to encourage him to use the toilet.

Our second is 2 in a couple of weeks and has been showing signs of wanting to use the toilet for months.  He has loads of nappy free time and often goes and sits on the toilet step and then pretends to wipe his bottom (bless him).  He’s even started yelling “wee wee” as he runs out to the lawn and waters it for us.

Needless to say, we need to get these books out again!

Toilet Training Books we Love!

Prince George and the Royal Potty

This one captured the imagination of the whole family.  It uses rhyme to teach children about Toilet Time and focuses on using a potty.  If you’re not using a potty you can always swap out the language (we did).  But it’s such a charming little story with lovely illustrations.  We read it all day everyday – my eldest just loved it!

Toilet Training Books to encourage kids

Daniel Tiger Goes to the Potty

If your toddler loves Daniel Tiger, this might just be enough to encourage them to use the potty or toilet.  In his usual helpful way, Daniel Tiger guides children through this life transition in a way only he can!

Toilet Training Books to encourage kids

Have You Seen My Potty?

This is the story of Suzy Sue who has something very important to do. Something important she does every day, but someone has snatched her potty away! A wonderfully witty rhyming story, perfect for potty training!  There must be something about toilet training and rhyming!  But Suzy Sue will have the kids using the toilet in no time!

Toilet Training Books to encourage kids

It’s Potty Time

This was the absolute favourite with my eldest!  Baby Bear is learning to use his new potty and Bailey, his toy rabbit, is learning, too! It can be rather tricky but Mummy knows just what will help! A wonderful book to reassure little ones who are learning to use the potty.  This book has a great “potty” song that our son loved to sing along to.  We just changed the word to “toilet” and it was really easy for him to sing along.

Toilet Training Books to encourage kids


However your little peep gets there, I hope that it’s stress free for you.  And if not there’s always wine!

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