Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West

Want to know The Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West?

We get asked for the best parks for toddlers in the South West all the time – so I thought it was high time I put them altogether in one place for you!

For those of you that know me, I have a 22 month old bubba, so I’ve been testing out toddler parks for the past year!  My little guy is not shy when it comes to park reviews, so I’ve put together a list of his favourite “toddler friendly” parks.

Margaret River Memorial Park

Right across the road from The Village in Margs, this great little park is a real winner with the little ones!  There’s lots on offer – my little guy loves the boat!  Again, perfect for those little runners with a secure fence plus toilets – and it’s close to coffee across the road!

San Marco Promenade – Australind

This is a hidden gem, and while it does cater for the bigger kids too, the Pirate Ship here is a favourite of my toddler.  It’s small enough for him to be able to climb up and down, he can turn the big wheel and enjoy playing while his older brother climbs on the bigger frames.  There is also a toddler swing too.  You can read more about this park here.


Bridgetown Memorial Park

Situated on the main street in Bridgetown, this park feature a whole section for the little ones to enjoy.  There is a colourful little maze area that my toddler just loved!  We’ve got a full run down on this park here.

Gascoyne Park – Millbridge Estate

How’s this for a super sandpit?  This little park in Millbridge, Eaton is so much fun (as long as you don’t mind sand!).  It’s a great little sensory activity for the younger ones with plenty to keep them busy.  You could even go for a nature walk when you’ve finished playing – perfect way to get them off to sleep!  Read more here.

Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West
Best Sand Pit Ever!

Brunswick Mooseum Playground

This unique little park is just perfect for toddler play!  It features little shop fronts sure to ignite imagination, as well as lower play areas that your little one can explore freely.  You can see our full review here.

Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West

Little Monsters Indoor Play Centre

While the great outdoors is fantastic for your little ones while the sun is shining, it’s great to know where to go when it’s raining, or even too hot outside.  Little Monsters Indoor Play Centre in Margaret River is perfect for these scenarios.  With a separate soft play section just for toddlers, it’s sure to delight on any occasion.  You can find all the details here.

Des Ugle Park – Carey Park

Des Ugle Park has some great areas for toddlers to enjoy, including their nature play area which my little guy absolutely loved!  He enjoyed just being able to run around the playground, collecting bits and bobs to show me.  You can see all the photos of Des Ugle Park here.

I will say that while we were getting organised to get in the car, my little guy was bitten on the toe by a bull ant, so do be on the look out.  But this was not in the main playground area, but on the roadside where we parked.


Pirate Ship – Binningup Beach

The Pirate Ship is an absolute favourite here!  With plenty of grass to run around on and the beach right next door, it provides a beautiful space to play.  My toddler has been able to climb up and down the steps by himself for quite a while. With two smaller slides and a larger one there are plenty of ways for them to have fun!  The underneath of the ship is free to explore too.

BINNINUP BEACH PIRATE SHIP PLAYGROUND - Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West
Your toddler will love the Pirate Ship!

Geographe Marina Nature Play Area

This is a stunning little playground and is perfect for kids of all ages.  My toddler loved the rotunda and running through the tunnels.  The whole area was safe for him to play and he really enjoyed it.

We even walked along the boardwalk and down to the water.  It’s such a calm little area that he was quite happy wondering along the shore line with us, throwing stones that he found.  I was totally fine with him doing this as the water is not deep at all where we were.

To see more information on Port Geographe Marina Nature Playground, check out our full review here!

Check out this gorgeous beachside playground!

Dunsborough Playing Fields

Not only is there a skate park and park for the older kids, but Dunsborough Playing Fields is also home to a great little Toddler Park … plus it’s fully fenced!  Double tick!  It’s low to the ground and safe for your little one to explore at their leisure – no big drops from high platforms – winning!

Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West - Dunsborough Playing Fields


We hope that this gives you some new ideas and new places to explore with your toddler!  Of course, this list is not exhaustive, these are just our favourites!  And we’ll be sure to update it as we discover new ones – or you tell us your faves!

If you’ve got a favourite that’s not listed, come and tell us about it!





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