13 Lego Ideas to Entertain Your Tribe Today!


Please tell me it’s not just my house that looks like an episode of Ninjago?  Seriously, it’s like The Big Lego City in my lounge room and I can tell you now, everything is not awesome with that.

A few years ago, my well meaning husband bought 150L of Lego.  It’s been sorted into colours, figures, wheels – it’s a perfectionist’s dream.  Except when it’s not.  Except when a 21 month old who is obsessed with hats thinks it’s hilarious to empty said colour coded lego on the floor and use the container as a hat.

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Rainy Day Activities for Kids – Indoor Play Ideas

rainy day activities

Winter is here and even though it has been relatively mild in most of Australia, we know there are rainy days on the horizon. Generally these come right around school holiday time!  Being the last stop before Antarctica, we can experience some pretty cold and rainy days. Luckily being in Western Australia, we don’t have to put up with the brunt of the cold.  But we still get our fair share of rain!

It’s these rainy days where you just want to curl up with your blanket and hot chocolate and hibernate.  Unfortunately if you have kids, that just isn’t possible. They still want to play and still need to be entertained. It just means play time is indoors. Yay, fun for everyone! (insert eye roll here!)

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