13 Lego Ideas to Entertain Your Tribe Today!


Please tell me it’s not just my house that looks like an episode of Ninjago?  Seriously, it’s like The Big Lego City in my lounge room and I can tell you now, everything is not awesome with that.

A few years ago, my well meaning husband bought 150L of Lego.  It’s been sorted into colours, figures, wheels – it’s a perfectionist’s dream.  Except when it’s not.  Except when a 21 month old who is obsessed with hats thinks it’s hilarious to empty said colour coded lego on the floor and use the container as a hat.

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Getting Organised with kids – it IS possible!


Do you ever have those days where you wish you could get your life together.  Like, you know, be super organised.  One of those Mums who had the right thing for every occasion.  The one that all your friends turn to when they need a bandaid or panadol on the run.

Before kids, I was that girl.  I was perpetually organised.  Throw in two boys who don’t sleep all that much and my life was turned on it’s head. Some days, I’m lucky if I remember to put both of them in the car.  Jokes.  I’ve never actually forgotten them.

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