Sour Dough – How to make it without a starter!

sour dough

Who doesn’t love sour dough bread, right?

Now I’ve attempted to make the starter so many times, but as a busy mama & running a business, I simply run out of time!  In the past I’ve managed to keep one alive but eventually I get busy and it dies.  Plus every time I want to make sour dough I have to think ahead like 3 days.  Hmmm nope not going to happen here!

Most people I know can’t even get a starter to, well, start!  It generally goes mouldy and never actually gets to the fermentation process.

But I’ve discovered a way to have fresh sour dough every morning, without growing & maintaining a starter!

Ok, so it’s not real sourdough, but trust me you’re going to LOVE it! Even my boys eat this!

It looks, tastes and smells just like real sour dough!  It’s a winner – and way to look the goods at your next get together!

So here’s how you do it!


340g filtered warm water
440g bakers flour
1.5 tsp salt
1/4 tsp yeast

How to make it:

You just need to combine it til it forms a sticky, wet dough. I do mine in the thermo for around 30 secs but you could also mix in a bowl.  It literally just has to come together.  It will be the stickiest dough ever.  But trust me it will be amazing.

Pour the wet dough into a ceramic or glass bowl – or if you mixed it in the bowl then feel free to leave it there.

Cover the bowl with cling wrap and seal it completely and tightly.  Then slice a few air holes in the top with a sharp knife.

Set the dough somewhere warm for 24 hours.  If it’s summer time, it will probably take much less time.  I will generally make it in the evening and use the dough at breakfast time in the summer.

When the dough is sufficiently bubbly and smells a little fermenty it’s ready to go!

Line a baking tray with baking paper and then add a few table spoons of flour.

Pour the wet dough out onto the tray and using the excess flour, shape into a rustic loaf.  You can pull each side over each other if you are able.  This will ensure maximum sour dough ness!  It will resemble a rustic loaf.  If the dough is not too wet you might be able to shape into a round, but don’t be too worried, it will still look good when it’s baked.

Once you’re happy with the shape, add a few scores in the top with a sharp knife and then place in a HOT oven (you’ll need to preheat at it’s hottest setting for at least 15 minutes).  Let the oven be hot for the first 10 minutes of cooking, then bring the temperature down for the next 20 mins or so.

While this sounds a little wishy washy, you will need to play around as all ovens are different.  But HOT for the first 10 minutes is absolutely key for a good crust.

If you want to get totally professional, add a bowl of ice to the bottom shelf of the oven when you put the bread in.  Remove it when you turn the oven down.  This will give you a super dooper crust.  Seriously, it’s the shizzle!

It will sound hollow when you tap it and be super crusty on top – then you know it’s done.

The trick with this loaf is not to eat it all in one go – it’s a challenge!


Easy Sour Dough recipe - no starter and fresh everyday!
Here’s our loaf from brekky this morning – YUM!

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