School Holiday Boredom Busters for South West Kids

School Holiday Boredom Busters for South West Kids

It’s school holidays in South West WA, and love them or hate them, it means entertaining the kids more than normal! We’ve put together some ideas that might help to bust the boredom these school holidays! Whatever part of the beautiful South West region you live in, from Bunbury to Busselton, Margaret River to Collie and everywhere in between, we’ve got something for everyone!

Go Geocaching!

Have you heard of Geocaching? It’s like a really big treasure hunt! It’s an activity that you can enjoy with family members of all ages. And it’s a really great way to enjoy our beautiful region! You’ll find more information about geocaching here. You’ll need to register to get started here.

There are geocaches situated all around the South West, so there are adventures awaiting you in every town!

If you go Geocaching, we’d love to see you in action! Be sure to tag us on Instagram by using the hashtag #swmumswa or #swmumlife.

Splash Around at the Collie Water Park

If the weather is warm during the holidays, a splash around at the Collie Water Park is a definitely must. Located in the CBD of Collie, Central Park or Collie Water Park and Adventure Playground is so much fun. You can read more about why we love this park here. We’ve even put together a video to show you just how much fun it is!

Collie Water Park and Adventure Playground

Make a Nature Wand

I saw this activity and I just had to include it! Not only would my boys enjoy making these, they would also enjoy playing with them. Time to raid the sewing and craft boxes, collect some sticks and get crafting! This activity is perfect to pair with a trip to one of the amazing Nature Playgrounds in our South West region.

Bust the boredom these school holidays by making nature wands with your little people
Gorgeous Nature Wands by @naturallycuriouschildren
Stick collecting can be so much fun … apparently 😉

Have a Picnic with the Gnomes in the Ferguson Valley

If you’ve never been to Ferguson Valley, or indeed to Gnomesville, why not take the family on a road trip through this beautiful part of the South West of WA.  With over 10,000 gnomes all living in one spot, it is truly something to be seen! It’s best to visit in winter. There’s load to explore, climb, run and soak up so pack a picnic! You can read more about Gnomesville here.

Plant a Herb Garden

This school holiday boredom buster is probably my favourite, mainly because not only does it give the kids something to do, but it will repay you with delicious herbs (or veges). So totally win win!

My boys love to plant things like nasturtiums, mint, parsley and basil as they are quick to sprout and keeps them interested. It’s a great one to do at the beginning of the holidays so that they can water them each day and see them sprout before they go back to school.

They’re never to young to enjoy the garden!

There are loads of ways you can do it – we love to start them off in old egg cartons! We’ve currently got some sprouting in an old metal drinks tub which is great for keeping them away from digging toddlers (Tex, Mummy is looking at you). To extend the activity you could even decorate containers or flower pots.

Excitement at the seeds he planted sprouting!

Have a Photo Taking Contest

My 5 year old loves taking photos … of anything really. A great school holiday boredom buster is to create a photo taking contest. If you’re amusing older children, they could use digital cameras (we have a few obsolete ones that we give to Haze to use) or with younger children the wooden cameras you get from toy stores, or even a toy camera would be ok (their imagination will do the rest!). I’ve even been known to give my eldest my iphone to take photos (gasp)

You can either get them to take photos around your home or garden, or perhaps of each other, or set off an adventure somewhere. Gnomesville is a fantastic place to take photos. Colourful playgrounds are also lots of fun!

Visit The Berry Farm in Margaret River

If you’re looking for somewhere that will not only entertain the kids, but let you enjoy a hot coffee and some delicious treats, then look no further than The Berry Farm in Margaret River. Because happy Mumma, happy kids, right?

With 2 playgrounds for the kids to explore, The Berry Farm is a family favourite!

Adventure Playground at The Berry Farm in Margaret River

Lego Building Competition

This one is an everyday occurrence in our house, however, sometimes I like to really create some excitement around the Lego. If they haven’t played with a certain box or set for a while, I’ll pull that out and offer a prize for the tallest tower, most creative, most colourful (you get the picture). To avoid arguments, I generally give a prize for a few categories so they always win in some way.

You’ll find our favourite Lego activities here!

Breakfast at the Beach

While it’s starting to cool down, it’s not truly winter yet and the morning is one of the most beautiful times of the day. Grab a jumper, pack some breaky and head to one of the gorgeous beaches in our region. If you pick a beach with coffee close by, you could even treat yourself to a hot coffee to drink as you walk along the beach (yes I know this is supposed to be about the kids, but it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself, right?).

Why not encourage the kids to collect some lovely driftwood or shells to use in an activity at home later in the day or week.


Cooking Together

For older kids, why not get them cooking in the kitchen? You could even get them cooking yummy treats to stock the freezer for next school term! My boys are a little younger so they love to help prepare dough for Sour Dough (without a starter) and pizza.

Older kids might be able to help you make pizza scrolls and homemade chicken nuggets. They may even enjoy creating something unique for dinner one night!

Why Not Make Some “No Cook” Playdough

I’m yet to meet a kid who doesn’t love playdough … and this one is super simple to create as it’s a no cook method. You can change up the colour and oils (or omit them totally). Same with the glitter! You could even incorporate some natural elements for them to create a play scene.

If you’re looking for a “cooked” playdough recipe, you’ll find one here.

Visit Your Local Library

Your local library is a wonderful place to visit, especially in the school holidays. Most local libraries have activities scheduled during the school holidays and the best thing – they’re free! You’ll find some of the activities on our Events Calendar. And don’t forget all the free DVDs, audio books, books and magazines you can borrow!

Our local library even has a selection of toys that the kids can play with, including Lego.

Have a BBQ Lunch at Your Favourite Park or Playground

There’s nothing more delicious than a bbq lunch – even if it’s just some sausages in buns! Why not pack a bbq lunch and make use of bbqs at your local park? Better yet, why not invite a few friends to come along too!

The new playground and park area at Koombana Beach has bbqs and lots of lovely green lawn to soak up the sunshine. Vasse Nature Playground is another favourite with bbqs, as well as Cadell Park at Millbridge in Eaton.

Cadell Park - Millbridge Private Estate | Parks in Eaton | South West WA
Cadell Park in Eaton has a lovely bbq area set in bushland with plenty of nature walks to explore!

Enjoy your School Holidays! You can check out our Official School Holiday Guide for the South West here. We’d love to have you in our Facebook Group too! Head over and say hi!

Big love,
Kate xx

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