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rainy day activities

Winter is here and even though it has been relatively mild in most of Australia, we know there are rainy days on the horizon. Generally these come right around school holiday time!  Being the last stop before Antarctica, we can experience some pretty cold and rainy days. Luckily being in Western Australia, we don’t have to put up with the brunt of the cold.  But we still get our fair share of rain!

It’s these rainy days where you just want to curl up with your blanket and hot chocolate and hibernate.  Unfortunately if you have kids, that just isn’t possible. They still want to play and still need to be entertained. It just means play time is indoors. Yay, fun for everyone! (insert eye roll here!)

So, what do you do when the rain hits and the kiddies can’t go outside to play? You come straight to this blog of course. We have all the rainy day activities you will need to get you through the tough times.

Check out our top 10 rainy day activities for kids that you can do indoors.

  1. Painting – Kids love to paint and it doesn’t have to be confined to school or play group. Pull out the paper and paints and let your kids go nuts. Pop down some newspaper first unless you are going for the multi-coloured table look. Water based paint is best as it easier to clean and safer for the kids.
  2. Rocks – You are probably aware by now of the kindness rock craze that is taking South West by storm. Why not use the rainy day as a good chance to stock up on your rock pile. Painting the rocks is a lot of fun and your kids will be able to place them in a safe spot when the rain clears.  Looking for some inspiration?  Head here!
  3. Make Peg People – Art and craft is always a hit with the kids and making peg people is hours of fun. Not only do they get the enjoyment of making them, but they can have hours of play time with them afterwards. Make super heroes or a family that your kids can enjoy hours of imaginative play with.
  4. Fortress – Who doesn’t wish they were a knight or princess? Make a fortress out of pillows, blankets, sheets and some chairs and watch your kids play for hours. This one is a little messy and will result in your lounge room being taken over for the day. But trust us, it works if you can get past seeing your clean blankets on the floor!
  5. Treasure Hunt – Akin to an Easter egg hunt, a treasure hunt is loads of fun. Hide objects or treats around your house and let your kids find them. You could even get really adventurous and hide a treasure chest and give clues or a map as to its location. Pirates of the Caribbean will be no match for your treasure hunters!
  6. Board Games – It seems the fun of playing a family board game has become a little lost in society. Between busy days and the xBox, there is little time the good old fun. Bring out one of the classics and teach your kids how to play like we did as kids. Board games are also great for teaching sharing, thought processes and even maths if you play Monopoly.
  7. Baking – This has to be one of my favourite rainy day activities to do with the kids. Not only do you get to entertain them for a few hours, there is a yummy treat to enjoy at the end! Win win. Why not go a little bit fancy and bake up a storm with a high tea or tea party for everyone. Plate it up and make a real treat out of your afternoon.
  8. Playdough – Kids love playdough and what better way to pass a few extra hours than make it yourself. And the best part, you will find that you’ll have all the ingredients already in your pantry. Flour, water, oil, salt, food colouring and cream of tartar (optional) is all you will need to make your own playdough. There are plenty of easy no cook recipes on the net that are also child safe –  you’ll find ours here. Mix up the colours or even add some glitter for a really fun effect.
  9. Dress Ups – Dress Ups are always a hit!  Even if you don’t have “proper” outfits, use whatever you have!  Old scarves, dad’s shirts, bright colours, hats – it fosters lots of imagination and kids don’t mind what they’re putting on, they’ll make it into whatever their heart desires.
  10. Make a book – one for the older kids.  Why not encourage them to write their own story and make it into a book with illustrations.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but will keep them entertained for quite a while.  And at the end, they will have something they have created themselves, which is truly magical!

What do you love to do with the kids when it is raining? We’d love to read your suggestions. Share with everyone so we can all survive the dreaded winter while our kids are on school holidays.

Need a quick reference guide for the fridge?  We love this little graphic – a quick answer to “I’m bored Mum” …

Rainy Day Activities for Kids in the South West of WA



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