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Want to be more organised in 2018?  We’ve got the answer!  The South West Mums Family Planner has been created just for families in the South West!  It’s versatile, customisable and totally flexible!



Want to be more organised in 2018?  We’ve got the answer!

South West Mums have teamed up with talented local designer, Annie Maie, to create a beautiful yet practical planner just for you!

Features you’ll love:

  • Family Friendly South West events listed in the calendars.
  • Events will be updated every 3 months and updated versions emailed straight to your inbox.
  • Maps of popular SW towns with popular playgrounds, parks and facilities listed.
  • Customise it to your family needs – only print out what you’ll use.
  • Unique hand drawn pictures become easy colouring pages for your kids.
  • The thoughtful design won’t drain your printer ink.
  • Looks good on multiple page sizes – print A3 for your fridge or A4 for a binder.

Why did we create this planner?

We created this flexible Family Planner because we were looking for a versatile way to bring some order to our family lives without costing a fortune.  We wanted something that was beautiful, practical and affordable.  We wanted a personalised solution that would fit every family’s needs.  Pop it on the fridge and away you go!

Plan Your Day Your Way!

Plan your day, your way by only printing what you need – totally customisable, versatile and flexible.  And the best thing is you can start TODAY – our planner includes December 2017, complete with great family friendly events listed.  Because we don’t want you to have to wait until January (seriously, let’s get organised NOW!).

Our planner looks great whether you print it in grayscale or colour and will not consume all of your printer ink!  You can personalise the planner any way you like – we’ve included lots of blank space, headings that can be coloured in or doodled and Annie’s unique hand drawn line work will make great colouring projects for the kids!

What’s included:

  • Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Planner Pages with WA Holidays & South West Events listed.
  • Daily To Do Pages
  • Meal Planner
  • Budget & Expenses Planner
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Rewards Chart
  • Chores Chart
  • Shopping List
  • Emergency Contact List
  • Passwords Log

We hope you enjoy our planner and it becomes a practical tool in organising your family and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Kate & Annie xox

PS – when you purchase the planner through Pay Pal, please click “return to seller’s page” to download the planner files – it’s best to complete your purchase on a desktop to ensure the files download properly and you can save them.

* The SWM Planner is downloadable as 4 files – 1.  Instruction Sheet  2.  Planner Files and 3. Household Organisers & Charts.

* Please note that the SWM Family Planner is only downloadable once.  So, please ensure you save the PDF files somewhere safe.  If you encounter issues with the download, please contact us here.

* It’s best if you download the files on your desktop rather than on mobile – but if you run into problems please email kate@southwestmums.com for assistance.


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