Port Geographe Marina Nature Playground Busselton

Port Geographe Marina Nature Playground Busselton - Toddler Friendly, BBQ Area, Family Park Playground Area

Port Geographe Marina Nature Playground is a must visit for so many reasons.  Not only is it a fantastic toddler friendly playground, but it also caters to older children as well.

I’ll be really honest, I didn’t even know this place existed until a friend gave me the hot tip!  And OMG it’s such a beautiful place I just had to share it with you all!

Why do we love it?

Set beside the calm waters of the marina, this park features a sand based play area filled with stepping stones, tunnels, plenty of grassy areas to run and roll on, as well as a slide.

There is plenty of scope for children to use their imaginations as they explore this playground.

And when they’re done playing, you can head down along the board walk and wonder the sandy shore of the Marina.

Complete with bbq and shaded picnic tables, the only thing this playground is missing is toilets.

The other thing that is a slight negative is that the actual playground is not shaded at all, so could be quite hot on the sand in summer, but there are plenty of grassy areas to stay cool, not to mention dipping your toes in the water nearby.  The BBQ area is shaded though.

Want to see a video of Port Geographe Marina Nature Playground?

Quick Overview of Port Geographe Marina Playground

Feature Yes or No
Well maintained
Sand Based
Grassed areas
Water Fountains
Coffee available
Easy Parking
Age bracket suitable for all ages



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Happy Park Time!
Kate xx

Park Review South West Mums
SWM Chief Park Reviewers

Meet your Chief Park Reviewers!  Haze is 4 and loves to climb as high as he can and always finds a way to climb up the slide rather than down it.  His favourite playground equipment is the swing.  Tex is 22 months and he loves to swing, slide and give mummy a heart attack by attempting to fly off unguarded platforms.  They tell me they have the best job in the world!



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