The Painted Rock Revolution Hits the South West


Unless you have been hiding under a rock ( :/ ) you have probably heard of the new craze sweeping the South West, and in fact the nation as a whole. Essentially it is swapping out Pokemon for painted rocks and rebuilding the rock-solid community spirit that we all crave (creating a village, if you will). If you haven’t, don’t worry… we’ll get you up to speed one painted rock at a time! Like what we did there??!!

Ok, all rock puns aside, let’s rock ‘n’ roll with how you can get your kids into this super fun game and spread kindness back into the world. Oh, and did we mention that it is also good for getting them off the Xbox (or in my case off the ABC Kids app). Ok, so there was room for one more rock-pun in there!

In all seriousness, Kindness Rocks as they are called, are painted rocks that have evolved to help spread kindness back into the community and the world. A simple rock with a simple message can have a lasting effect on the person who finds it. We never really know what is happening in another person’s life or where they are at emotionally. Sometimes it is the smallest gesture that can have the biggest impact.  

Whether we’re talking kids or adults … kindness counts!  And these little gestures of goodwill are giving kids (and adults) the tools to boost creativity and kindness throughout our community.

South West Rocks aims to create joy and kindness in the South West community.
Joy at finding a special rock in the playground!

So, how did Kindness Rocks all begin?

We’ll take you back to the beginning. Picture a beautiful little beach in Cape Cod USA, where unsuspecting founder, Megan Murphy, began placing painted rocks at her local beach. Megan did this just for herself to help with emotions she was dealing with. She soon realised these rocks were having an effect on those who found them. The rocks were spreading kindness and joy to people also escaping to the beach. Each rock symbolising a new meaning. With this, Megan decided step it up. Using the power of social media and a website, The Kindness Rocks Project has spread world wide.

Here in South West, 18,000km away from where it all began, South West Rocks are headlining the rock revolution.  Mums within our community are on-board with their kids painting gorgeous rocks for others to find.  The Facebook group of over 1800 members has literally boomed overnight and the results are amazing!

Being a Kindness Rock ambassador is so simple to do. All you need is some flat rocks or sea bed rocks and paint what ever your heart desires on them. Uplifting messages, your family portrait or even just a cute little animal face. Kids love finding them and I’m sure us Mums gets just as much enjoyment out of making them!

We have full instructions on how you can make your painted rocks right here:


1.  Use unpolished clean dry rocks (if your rocks are polished, it’s best to rough them up with a little sandpaper first, to help the paint stick).

2.  Acrylic paints & permanent markers work best (think Sharpies – oil based sharpies work the best), but we’ve also seen rocks decorated with glitter, stickers and Mum’s old nail polish stash.

3.  Rocks must be sealed prior to being hidden so they hold up to the elements.

4.  And don’t forget to tag your rocks with the FB symbol and #SWRocks so that when people find them, they find the group on FB to let you know they’ve found your rocks and what they’ve done with them.

South West Rocks are leading the way bringing painted rock, kindness and community to the South West.
Painted rocks bring kindness and community to the South West.


South West Rocks Facebook Group

South West Rocks is leading the kindness rocks project in the South West. Make sure you tag your painted rock with South West Rocks or #SWRocks so that people can find us on Facebook.

If you’d love to get your kids involved in the fun, please head on over to the Facebook group. There is no better way to teach your kids that kindness does exist in the world. Share a rock or ten and become a part of something truly special.  You can also connect with South West Rocks on Instagram.  Don’t forget to tag your rocks. #SWRocks.


Looking for Inspiration?

If you’re looking for inspiration for where to hide your #SWRocks … check out these amazing parks in our beautiful South West!



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