Paid Parental Leave – Did you claim everything you were entitled to?


I was 34 weeks pregnant.

I vomited several times a day.  Yep even at 34 weeks.

We moved house … and not just around the corner, but 1500kms away.

I had gestational diabetes on top of severe morning sickness.

What do you think was foremost in my mind in that last trimester of pregnancy?

I can tell you what wasn’t.
Paid Parental Leave and filling out forms.

As a Mumma to be, you’re often inundated with ideas, checklists, things to do before your baby arrives.  Most of them are centred around nursery decor, which pram will best suit your needs and what to pack in your hospital bag.  All of these things are important, of course.  But what about the really important stuff.

Like money.  Paid parental leave.  Dad and Partner Pay?

Do you know your rights in relation to this?  Does it all just seem to hard … so it’s easier to just not do it?

I’m hearing you.  That was me.  When I was pregnant with my first I had no idea how to tackle this information.  I was too busy decorating the nursery, moving towns and thinking about what would actually happen when I went to push my bundle of joy out.

Truth be told, I ignored the whole thing and ended up having to stand in line at Centrelink with a week old baby to try and sort it all out.  Epic fail.  And certainly not where I wanted to spend time a week after giving birth.

I recently discovered a fantastic resource that should be on your shopping list as an expectant Mum.  It’s an e-book written by Lisa Levison, an accountant and Mumma of 2.  She really knows her stuff!

I honestly wish that I had access to this as a new Mum, and again with my second.  In fact it was even harder with number 2.  My husband had changed jobs.  The company was not family friendly at all and made it very difficult for us to navigate those first few weeks.

Plus, being pregnant and running after a toddler, I had no time (or desire) to go scouring the internet for information on what we were actually entitled to as new parents.

This little gem would have been so, so handy.

Not only does it go through your rights in relation to Paid Parental Leave, Dad and Partner Pay – it also gives you valuable information in relation to Childcare Benefits and the Child Care Rebate.  It will help you fill in all that pesky paperwork quickly and easily … with no trips to Centrelink!

You can get your copy here!

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