13 Lego Ideas to Entertain Your Tribe Today!


Please tell me it’s not just my house that looks like an episode of Ninjago?  Seriously, it’s like The Big Lego City in my lounge room and I can tell you now, everything is not awesome with that.

A few years ago, my well meaning husband bought 150L of Lego.  It’s been sorted into colours, figures, wheels – it’s a perfectionist’s dream.  Except when it’s not.  Except when a 21 month old who is obsessed with hats thinks it’s hilarious to empty said colour coded lego on the floor and use the container as a hat.

So I’ve had to keep coming up with fun things to do with Lego to keep them using it for it’s intended purpose.  And given that your tribe might be bored too, I thought I’d share a few ideas that have been a hit around here.

LEGO Ideas for Your Tribe

  1. Rainbow Lego – My four year old and I have been doing some colour sorting and creating some really cool creations by designing rainbows with our Lego.  The sky is the limit with this activity, but something he loves is painting a rainbow on a large sheet of paper and then when it’s dry, filling in the colours with the corresponding lego bricks.  You can see a photo of what we mean below.
  2. Themes – We have themed days where the boys have to build something that fits our theme.  So far we’ve had “Fire Trucks”, “Police Cars” and “Planes”.  While I give them the theme, what they actually build is up to them and it’s all open to interpretation to keep their creativity flowing!  Some other ideas could be their fave tv show, monsters, food etc.
  3. Making patterns – a little bit of education disguised as Lego Fun!  Helping them to recognise patterns, repetition and how colours work with each other.  Creating a pattern with lego blocks and then asking my son to recreate the pattern.  The best bit is when he makes his own patterns.  I love the pattern printable found here.
  4. Colour specific – sometimes all the different colours can be overwhelming for kids.  Every so often, my son will grab a box of a single colour of Lego (remember how I told you our Lego is all colour coded) and will build the most amazing creations from just a single colour.  I find it quite fascinating just quietly … and I love how it keeps him occupied for more than 5 minutes!
  5. Competitions – a great way to foster some healthy competition is to offer a small prize for the tallest creation.  It’s amazing how much concentration goes into the building when they know there’s a freddo frog on offer.  Of course in our house there’s really only Mr 4 who could build something fairly tall.  My toddler will definitely try – and he gets a freddo for his efforts too 😉
  6. Catapult – We took inspiration from Frugal Fun 4 Boys with this one.  Why not build a few catapults and have some fun seeing whose will fling Lego bricks the furtherest?
  7. Build a Lego City – this is an activity that both my boys love and it’s great because we combine both Duplo and Classic Lego blocks.  We build a sprawling city with sky scrapers, roads, cars, people – you name it, we can build it.  It can be as absolutely crazy as you like – in fact, the crazier the better!
  8. Head Outdoors – it might seem simple, but sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.  We often pop a big rug on the lawn and take the lego outdoors to play in the sunshine.  The boys love it and are often inspired by a whole new wave of creativity!  We’ve been known to take the Lego bucket to Cadell Park too … it’s always a winner!
Fun Lego Ideas to entertain your tribe this school holidays
How cool is this Lego Catapult!


Lego creation ideas to entertain your tribe this school holidays.
Using Lego in a different way to foster creativity.


The boys love to build crazy Lego cities!

Some LEGO ideas for older children:

I’ve actually ordered my boys one of these Play&Go Toy Storage Bags each for their Christmas stockings … but I’m sure you’ll understand if I gift them early!  And speaking of early … if you have true Lego fans at your house you need one of these too … a Lego Advent Calendar!  Seriously, I’ve got one each hiding in the wardrobe for my boys, just waiting for 1st December!  They are going to be so excited!

Hope these fill in some of those “I’m bored” moments for your tribe and if you’re looking for some other ideas of what to do this school holidays, be sure to come and check out all the fun in our Facebook Group.

Crazy colour sorting!


Kate is the founder of South West Mums – she is Mum to two crazy, Lego obsessed boys who drive her around the twist most days.  Her life is held together with too much coffee, mascara and dry shampoo.  Stumbling through motherhood and FIFO life, one day at a time, she is passionate about connecting Mums across the South West region.





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