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Koombana Playground Bunbury

Have you visited the brand new revitalisation of Koombana Bay Foreshore Playground in Bunbury yet?  The City of Bunbury have installed a lovely new park with unique features, right on the beach.  Check out the video we made of our first visit to the Koombana Bay Foreshore Playground in Bunbury when it first opened!

Koombana Bay Playground in Bunbury WA

What’s Featured at the Koombana Bay Foreshore Playground?

The playground is truly unique and features two bright red and yellow ship stacks.  Children can climb up the ship stacks, walk between them on the rope bridge and then slide down the metal slide.

The playground also features water play, including a water mill, water trough, water basin and table and rain circle.  Kids can let their imaginations run wild while having fun with water.

Older children can enjoy the thrill of riding one of two flying foxes featured in the playground.

There are also two small trampolines, perfect for toddlers, as well as a smaller metal slide (this does get quite hot though).

Koombana Bay Foreshore Playground in Bunbury WA

BBQ Facilities at Koombana Bay Foreshore Playground

The Koombana Bay Foreshore area is home to 4 sets of barbeques and picnic tables.  There are vast grassy expanses, perfect for balmy summer evening picnics.

While the area has only just been completed, there is a lack of shade around the Foreshore in general, particularly around the grassy areas.  The playground does feature some shade sails, although these do not block out the sun completely so some of the equipment can become very hot during summer.

Koombana Bay Foreshore Playground in Bunbury WA

Koombana Bay Foreshore Playground in Bunbury WA

Looking for a Different Playground Near Koombana Bay in Bunbury?

If you’re looking for another playground in the same area, you’ll find Sykes Reserve right across the road (it can be a little quieter than Koombana Bay), as well as Jetty Baths Park in the Marlston Hill area.

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