Jamie’s Ministry of Food is Coming to Bunbury – Treat Yourself

jamie's ministry of food

Are you a Jamie Oliver fan?  I must admit I’m a huge fan!  I’ve been buying his cook books and watching his tv shows since the beginning.  If you’re a fan, you might already know that Jamie’s Ministry of Food does some amazing work in local communities.

Bunbury is soon to get their second taste of the Mobile Kitchen brought to our community by Jamie’s Ministry of Food.

The mobile kitchen will be located at ECU Bunbury Campus from Monday 7th August 2017, bringing a seven week course to eager participants, who will join the mobile kitchen for one 90 minute class per week for the duration.

With only 1 in 10 people eating enough fruit and veggies in their daily diet, teaching people how to cook easy, healthy food is a definite must in communities around Australia.

Healthy food really does start at home

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia is a grassroots response to the lack of basic food skills among adults of our generation.

The program aims to empower people and families with food preparation skills which ensure that they are eating good food, rather than take away, saving time, money and ultimately their health.

Lead by a team of dedicated Food Trainers who will be supported by local volunteers, the course is open to people aged 12 years and over, looking to learn the basics of cooking.  While participants will walk away with the basics, along with loads of fun hints, tips and shortcuts, the lessons they learn will be so much more meaningful than just food on a plate.

This is what some of the Mums who have done the course in Joondalup had to say:

Natalie, bought herself a cooking course with Jamie’s Ministry of Food WA Mobile Kitchen. She was so excited to gift herself time away from the kids, where she can cook and have fun with her friends.

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen comes to Bunbury from 7th August 2017

What a great way to take some time out for yourself and gain some new skills at the same time!  Mum’s need to treat themselves too, go on, treat yourself here.

Suzanne and her mum Ruth signed up to take Jamie’s Ministry of Food’s 7-week course together. Ruth loved taking the food home with her and sharing it with her husband, who LOVED the pizza and meatballs despite claiming he didn’t like Italian food. Ruth and Suzanne’s family loved the meals and stories from class so much Suzanne’s daughter has enrolled with her dad. The family cannot wait to cook the recipes they’ve learnt together!

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen comes to Bunbury from 7th August 2017

Even experienced cooks have said that they got something out of the course!

How much does it cost? Classes cost $20 per session, $15 for student card holders and $10 for concession.

Win with JMOF & SWM!

If you’d like to be in the running for a chance to win a copy of Jamie’s Ministry of Food Cookbook, make sure you select “South West Mums” from the drop down box of “how did you hear about us” when you book your JMOF 7 week course.  You will find all the details of the competition here.  You can book your course here.


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