Product Review – Good Flight Sleep Travel Pillow

Good Flight Sleep is a travel pillow that has been designed by a lovely Perth Mum & Grandmother, Vivienne.

She was travelling back and forth from London to visit her son, who was based there at the time, when she came up with the idea.  After a particularly long flight from Perth to London, the resulting sore neck overshadowed her holiday.  After searching for a pillow to solve her problem, she came up empty handed.

Not satisfied with this, Vivienne set about solving the problem for herself!

The pillow has been designed to avoid lolling heads, stiff necks and snoring.

It has unique plastic inserts which help support the upper spine and throat better than any other neck pillows. The inserts also help ventilation and avoid clamminess.  The patented design has been created to ensure you enjoy a comfortable and relaxing flight, by not just supporting the sides of your neck but your chin as pillow

dadHere at South West Mums, we thought it would be perfect for FIFO workers who are on and off planes every week and always trying to catch up on a bit of shut eye on the way to and from site.

South West Mums chief Dad, Warren, did a road test, or should we say plane test, on a Good Flight Sleep travel pillow on his last swing.  Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s light and compact, good airflow around my neck so it wasn’t sweaty.  Totally adjustable.  Highly recommended to get a much better sleep on the plane – and seriously as a FIFO Dad, there’s never ever enough sleep.  Plenty of side support, so it’s not just a flimsy cushion, it actually does give me support.  Plus it actually looks good – I got to choose a dark colour so it suits my style”.

Yep and we agree, that photo ain’t pretty … but we’re all about keeping it real … and this is what FIFO life looks like when you’ve been with a grumpy toddler all week, you’re tired and you have to go back to site for two weeks.  See how important getting a sleep on the plane is?

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these nifty little pillows, head over here and check them out.

Good Flight Sleep Travel Pillow

Because we like to be super transparent here at SWM – we were gifted The Good Flight Travel Pillow.  But, because we love you guys, we are being completely honest in our review of the product.  We will only share products with you if we really love them!

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