Our Favourite Books at Christmas Time

Favourite Books at Christmas Time

I love to read with my boys.  And Christmas time is my absolute favourite time of year!  So it goes without saying that we have plenty of favourite books at Christmas Time.

Family Tradition to Encourage Reading

From my first son’s first Christmas, I started a tradition of reading Christmas books with him from 1st December.  I always bought a few special ones to add to his collection each year.

I wrote in each book what year it was given to him and that it was from “Mummy & Daddy” with the hope that he may continue the tradition with his own children.

Each year our collection has grown.  We’ve also been gifted many books too which has added to the pile.

Christmas Books Advent Calendar

There are lots of ways that you could create a Christmas Tradition around books.

You could create your very own personalised advent calendar where children open a book each morning during December (these could be Christmas themed or not).  Perhaps to keep the cost down you could use 5 or 6 Christmas themed ones that are put away after Christmas and reused each year.

However you decided to share Christmas books – the most important thing is just to read, discuss and enjoy!

Our Favourite Books at Christmas Time

Here are some of our favourites to enjoy at this special time of year.  My eldest in particular gets so excited at seeing our collection of Christmas books appear in the lounge room on the 1st December.  We have the usual suspects, but we have some that you may not have heard of too!

Christmas in Australia by John Williamson

This book is a definite favourite.  It was gifted to my son a few years ago and has found it’s place in all of our hearts.  Beautifully written by Australian Icon John Williamson and brought to life through illustrations by Mitch Vane, this hardcover book is themed from a Australian Christmas song.  Full of rhymes and fun it’s a special way to learn about Christmas traditions in our very own country.

Favourite Books at Christmas Time - Christmas in Australia by John Williamson

Peter Rabbit – A Christmas Wish by Beatrix Potter

My little one is obsessed with Peter Rabbit so I have chosen to add this one to our collection this year.  This books is hardcover and beautifully illustrated.  As with all things Peter Rabbit it makes a beautiful keepsake for years to come.  I know I will be reading this one over and over again!

Favourite Books at Christmas Time - Peter Rabbit A Christmas Wish

Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle

This is a beautiful hardcover book that was gifted to my eldest.  It’s a true classic and tells a story about a little pig called Applesauce.  Against a rural Australian setting of drought and bushfire,  Applesauce learns that Christmas comes from the heart.  A beautiful message that I’m happy to share with my boys.

Favourite Books at Christmas Time - Applesauce the Christmas Miracle

The Night Before Christmas by Holly Hobbie & Clement C. Moore

This book holds so many special memories for me at Christmas and I just love reading it to my boys.  I still have my copy from when I was a little girl – it’s very fragile these days but I still enjoy sharing it with the boys.  Unfortunately the book I have is no longer in print, but this one is just as special and brings the popular rhyme and story to life in a way sure to captivate their imagination.

This particular version is illustrated by the talented Holly Hobbie and will transport you to another world with her warm and inviting illustrations.

Favourite Books at Christmas Time - The Night Before Christmas

Hoot’s Christmas Surprise

While this may not be a literary classic, it certainly shares lots of festive fun with characters my boys know and love!  Sharing the gift of giving presents to each of his friends, Hoot shares his love of Christmas with his Owl Pals!  There are flaps that the children will enjoy looking under.  My boys love Giggle and Hoot so I don’t mind them reading this one – it’s full of colour and wonder!  You can find loads of other Christmas Themed books from their favourite TV characters here.

Favourite Books at Christmas Time - Hoot's Christmas Surprise

Christmas Wombat by Jackie French

Christmas comes but once a year, and it′s just as well for Santa’s reindeer, who have to fight with Mothball for the carrots left out for them by the local children. And when Mothball takes an unexpected sleigh ride, it’s not just Santa who faces the prospect of getting stuck in the chimney.  This book provides the quality we have come to expect from author Jackie French – a lovely story accompanied by gorgeous illustrations.

Favourite Books at Christmas Time - Christmas Wombat by Jackie French

That’s Not My Reindeer by Fiona Wells

I’m sure that you own at least one of the “That’s not my” books!  My boys absolutely love them and so it was natural that we would find a Christmas themed one!

Favourite Books at Christmas Time - That's Not My Reindeer

We’d love to know what Christmas Traditions you have with your family?  And your favourite books?  Why not come and join in the conversation in our Facebook Group.

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