Elf on the Shelf – Are you up for the challenge?

Elf on the Shelf

Are you an Elf on the Shelf family?

Or are you like me and have watched everyone else do it … but you’re just not sure that you’ve got 24 nights of commitment in there?  Like seriously, that’s commitment – it’s not just one night, like the tooth fairy!

Maybe it’s because my boys are too young (although how much longer can I actually keep saying that, for reals?).

Well, if truth be told, I bought an little Elfie … but I accidentally kind of on purpose opened it in front of the kids.  Well my little one fell in love with Elfie immediately and was not for letting that thing go.

I managed to convince him to put Elfie to sleep under the Christmas Tree (yep our Christmas Tree is still standing in our “good room” – which is locked so the kids can’t get in there lol.  OMG I can’t believe I admitted that.  It’s not decorated … we just never got around to putting it away once we took the decos down and so we locked the door and there it stayed.

Any who …

And yet even seeing how much he loved it, I still don’t think I’ve got 24 nights of that in me.

And let’s face it, it’s pretty competitive – all these super mums trying to out do each other on Facebook with the best Elf on the Shelf ideas.  I’m just not up for it.

Once you get started, you have to keep going!

You can’t ruin the magic of the Elves for the kids … and you’re going to need some quick thinking if you do forget to move him (or her) one night.

Last year there were some great letters that did the rounds to give worn out Elf mums a chance to leave Elfie where he was for 24 hours.

Anyway – maybe you’ll think I’m the Grinch with my perspective on Elf on the Shelf.  And perhaps I am.  Maybe I need to have a go.  But I just worry about how many times I’d actually forget … and then what do I do?  There are only so many white lies you can tell a 4 year old.

And let me tell you, my 4 year old is 4 going on 34.

He says things like, Mum unfortunately I can’t accept that reason from you today, you’ll have to come up with something else when I tell him he can’t have something.

I’d really hate to think what he’d say when he saw Elfie hadn’t moved for 3 days.  He’ll probably ask whether his spirit has gone to join Fluff Bum (our chook that died) and my Mum in heaven.  And that’s just going to be awkward, for both of us.

So you see, perhaps Elfie is just not suitable for our family.  Maybe we will stick with advent calendars.  And no it’s not a typo, I say calendars because they contain chocolate.  Chocolate I will no doubt eat one night when there’s no other chocolate in the house and then have to re buy to save face.

Although this year I have really outdone myself and bought my boys Lego Advent Calendars!  They are going love these – although if truth be told, getting them to only open one piece a day is going to be a challenge.

A challenge that will have me wishing that Wine Advent Calendars really did exist.  Hmmmm maybe I could create one?

But, if I haven’t convinced you that Elf on the Shelf is not your thang, then why not get one and have a go?  You can get one here and have it delivered well before 1st December.

Good Luck – and may the Elf Spirit be with you.

Kate xo


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