Christmas Books featuring Their Favourite TV Characters


As much as we try not to let our kids watch too much tv … actually who am I kidding?  My kids love tv and it gives me some time to get things done!

They all have their favourite shows – you know the ones that they are glued to for the whole five minutes!

I’ve come to learn that their love of these characters filters through to the books they choose to read too.  I love to get the boys books that feature their favourite characters as I know that it adds to their love of books and reading and is therefore helping them to learn the life long skill of literacy.

I’ve put together this selection of Christmas Books that feature their favourite TV characters.  They make great stocking stuffers and little gifts for their friends too!

Peppa Pig

I’m yet to meet a child who doesn’t love Peppa – my two are obssessed with her at the moment.  Love her or hate her, she certainly appeals to kids and give us parents a five minute window to hide in the pantry and eat chocolate in silence.

There are quite a few Peppa Christmas themed books but this one has captured my boys’ attention because it’s based on the Christmas episode so it is familiar to them.

Giggle and Hoot

Whether Hoot’s voice goes straight through you or you think Jimmy is a bit of alright, there’s no denying the kids love it!  Giggle and Hoot have a great little Christmas Book with flaps which hide surprise presents.  Lift the flap books are always favourites around here!

Favourite Books at Christmas Time - Hoot's Christmas Surprise


The Wiggles

The Wiggles ensure Christmas is colourful if nothing else!  There are lots of Wiggly Christmas ideas – there’s even a Wiggles Floor Puzzle!  I know both my boys would love to do the floor puzzle – maybe not together … we’d need a roster!

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

Another English gem that the kiddies love … do you think they ever wonder why Mrs Rabbit (from Peppa Pig) and Nanny Plumb sound the same?  Ok, so it’s just me then huh?  Or why Gaston barks even though he’s a lady bird?

Well this book is sure to capture their love for the Little Kingdom and Christmas all at once!

Thomas the Tank Engine

This classic character has captured the imagination of many boys and girls alike!  This lift the flap book takes Thomas and his friends on a steamy Christmas adventure.  This one will live through many Christmases and be a memory they pass onto their own children.

Peter Rabbit

The Peter Rabbit TV show has created a new generation of kids who know Beatrix Potter’s work.  They may not know how much of a classic this cheeky little character is, but this Christmas book captures some of the whimsy of the original Potter classic.

Favourite Books at Christmas Time - Peter Rabbit A Christmas Wish

Daniel Tiger

My boys love Daniel Tiger, especially the little songs he sings and I love the messages he gives in each episode.  I’ve often found myself singing them one of the songs to get them to understand something.  Tell me I’m not alone?  This lift the flap book conceptualises all the “good karma” Daniel Tiger embodies with a festive flare.

PJ Masks

These three masked “super heroes” certainly commanded the attention of my boys – and I’m sure many others!  Gekko, Cat Boy and Owlette bring Christmas Cheer to their dream time crime fighting in this colourful Christmas Book.

Curious George

This cheeky monkey gives me 15 to 30 minutes of peace.  Every morning.  Well from my toddler anyway!  Curious George has his very own Christmas collection.  This is my pick of the bunch!


Hey Duggee

Ah-woof.  Ok so this one actually annoys the hell out of me.  But the kids seem to love him!  If only my squirrels were so well behaved!  You can check out Duggee’s Christmas here.


I hope this gives you some ideas for Christmas!  My boys already have quite a few of these – but a few more might turn up in their “Christmas Book Pile” after 1st December!

We’d love to know what Christmas Traditions you have with your family?  And your favourite books?  Why not come and join in the conversation in our Facebook Group.

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