Celebrating Easter Without Chocolate – Your Guide to a Chocolate Free Easter

Chocolate free Easter - your guide to celebrating Easter without chocolate

There are many reasons you might want to have a chocolate free Easter ... dietary requirements, allergies, going sugar free or maybe you just want to be a bit different this year.  You might even have a chocolate loving dog, so you need to avoid hiding chocolate eggs in the garden.

Whatever your reasons, we've put together some great ideas to help you celebrate Easter without chocolate!

Easter Egg Hunt

What would Easter be without an Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday morning?  There are many ways you can include eggs in the hunt, without the chocolate.

You can purchase gorgeous vintage Easter Egg tins which come apart so they can be filled with your choice of trinkets.  They are not only great if you're going chocolate free, they are also reusable so you can store them and reuse them next year!

We purchased these gorgeous vintage tin Easter Eggs from E-Bay last year - they were an absolute hit with the boys!  Not only do they look amazing, but they are a little more durable than the plastic ones too.   I've also found these delightful Peter Rabbit tins ... because, who doesn't love Peter?  

Chocolate Free Ideas to Fill Your Tins

  • Sugar free lollies or homemade treats;
  • Stickers;
  • Crystals or other beautiful stones/rocks;
  • Create a treasure hunt leaving a new clue in each tin;
  • Small toy cars, Lego pieces etc

Decorate Easter Biscuits

Instead of focusing on chocolate, you could decorate biscuits instead.  Milk Arrowroots are always a popular choice, but if you have dietary requirements, you can usually get a selection to suit from your local supermarket or even health food store.

We are loving these healthy Easter cookies with homemade sprinkles!


Give a Gift Instead

If you're going chocolate free, maybe the Easter Bunny could leave some small, practical gifts instead of chocolate eggs.  Some ideas could be:

A jigsaw you can do together
An Easter themed book - or even just a book you know they'd love
A small set of Lego (you can pick up Lego sets for under $10)
A colouring book and special markers or crayons.

We've also put together a gorgeous selection of Easter Themed gifts here ... you can click on each item to see where they're from.









Eggs Done Differently

Instead of waking up to chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday, perhaps incorporate boiled eggs in a special egg cup that you only use at this time of year.  I know my boys love "dippy eggs" and soldiers! 

And if you're looking for an egg cup with an Easter theme ... you're going to love these!  You can even have them personalised!

Easter Pyjamas

Growing up, we always got new pyjamas at Easter!  We've found these gorgeous boys and girls sets - there are both winter and summer versions!  So cute and a great practical gift that you can actually use!  Plus - you can personalise these with different Easter motifs and your child's name in a range of fonts.  How cool is that!  They are sure to be loved by both you and them!

We hope this has given you some easy, chocolate free ways to celebrate with your children this year!  Come and tell us what you're doing for Easter this year ... we'd love to see you in our group South West Mum Life!

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