Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West

Want to know The Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West?

We get asked for the best parks for toddlers in the South West all the time – so I thought it was high time I put them altogether in one place for you!

For those of you that know me, I have a 22 month old bubba, so I’ve been testing out toddler parks for the past year!  My little guy is not shy when it comes to park reviews, so I’ve put together a list of his favourite “toddler friendly” parks.

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13 Lego Ideas to Entertain Your Tribe Today!


Please tell me it’s not just my house that looks like an episode of Ninjago?  Seriously, it’s like The Big Lego City in my lounge room and I can tell you now, everything is not awesome with that.

A few years ago, my well meaning husband bought 150L of Lego.  It’s been sorted into colours, figures, wheels – it’s a perfectionist’s dream.  Except when it’s not.  Except when a 21 month old who is obsessed with hats thinks it’s hilarious to empty said colour coded lego on the floor and use the container as a hat.

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Reveiw – Our Family Getaway to Magical Balingup

magical balingup

Earlier this month we had the absolute privilege to visit the magical town of Balingup. I hadn’t been to Balingup since I was a child and my husband had never been so it was a really lovely place to explore together with our boys.

We were even luckier to be able to stay in a gorgeous little cottage at Balingup Heights Hilltop Forest Cottages.

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Magical Childhood Memories – Why they’re so important

magical childhood

How do you remember your childhood?  Was it magical?  Do you get all the feels when you think back to those long summer holidays or weekends spent at the beach?  Or maybe you remember more specific things, like baking a certain cake or reading a certain book?

There’s no doubt that life is definitely more fast paced in 2017.  It’s more than likely that both parents work in order to make ends meet, or Dad works long hours, or even away from home for weeks at a time.  We seem to have more to do, more responsibilities, more bills to pay.  it certainly doesn’t leave a lot of times to create magic when it comes to our kids.

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Gascoyne Park – Millbridge Private Estate


The boys and I were in Millbridge last week and we came across this gorgeous little play area (Gascoyne Park) that I just have to share!  Now, it is quite small, so not suitable for large groups, but great for a little play with a few children.

Gascoyne Park features two areas.  There’s a grassed area with a bbq (perfect for that summer afternoon get together) and then there’s a little playground comprising of a sandpit and some great imaginative equipment.  You can see all the fun in the photos below.

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