Pizza Scrolls – Make Back to School Super Easy with this Fun Recipe!

pizza scrolls make back to school easy

This is a recipe for pizza scrolls is one I use often – it’s easy, versatile and most of my family will eat them.  As we are getting closer to the first day of school, the boys and I have been filling the freezer with anything that will make those school mornings easier.

These pizza scrolls freeze really well!  In fact I try and freeze them asap after baking because otherwise they just don’t last.

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Traditional Weetbix Slice

coffee & biscuits

This is a slice like nanna used to make.  One of those timeless little beauties that we go back to time and time again.  No matter how trendy food gets, this one has stood the test of time.

This is a sure winner in our family and I always try to make sure I have a batch on hand.  It freezes incredibly well, in fact I keep it in the freezer as it’s quite crumbly at room temperature.

Plus it’s really cheap to make – like under $5 a batch!

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Sour Dough – How to make it without a starter!

sour dough

Who doesn’t love sour dough bread, right?

Now I’ve attempted to make the starter so many times, but as a busy mama & running a business, I simply run out of time!  In the past I’ve managed to keep one alive but eventually I get busy and it dies.  Plus every time I want to make sour dough I have to think ahead like 3 days.  Hmmm nope not going to happen here!

Most people I know can’t even get a starter to, well, start!  It generally goes mouldy and never actually gets to the fermentation process.

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