Port Geographe Marina Nature Playground Busselton

Port Geographe Marina Nature Playground Busselton - Toddler Friendly, BBQ Area, Family Park Playground Area

Port Geographe Marina Nature Playground is a must visit for so many reasons.  Not only is it a fantastic toddler friendly playground, but it also caters to older children as well.

I’ll be really honest, I didn’t even know this place existed until a friend gave me the hot tip!  And OMG it’s such a beautiful place I just had to share it with you all!

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Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West

Want to know The Best Parks for Toddlers in the South West?

We get asked for the best parks for toddlers in the South West all the time – so I thought it was high time I put them altogether in one place for you!

For those of you that know me, I have a 22 month old bubba, so I’ve been testing out toddler parks for the past year!  My little guy is not shy when it comes to park reviews, so I’ve put together a list of his favourite “toddler friendly” parks.

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Bridgetown Memorial Park – Review


If you’re looking for a new park experience, then this is the park for you!  Beautiful Bridgetown is not that far from Bunbury, just 90 kms in fact!  We recently had a family getaway in Balingup, and we took a day to head into Bridgetown and explore the beautiful parks and playgrounds in the town.

By far the best park in Bridgetown is Memorial Park, situated on the main street and close to coffee shops and cafes!  Perhaps our favourite thing about this playground is that it’s fenced!  This is such a relief if you have a runner, or even just multiple kids and you want to relax, knowing that you’re not having to chase them down the street.

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Gascoyne Park – Millbridge Private Estate


The boys and I were in Millbridge last week and we came across this gorgeous little play area (Gascoyne Park) that I just have to share!  Now, it is quite small, so not suitable for large groups, but great for a little play with a few children.

Gascoyne Park features two areas.  There’s a grassed area with a bbq (perfect for that summer afternoon get together) and then there’s a little playground comprising of a sandpit and some great imaginative equipment.  You can see all the fun in the photos below.

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Riflebutts Reserve – Prevelly Beach Margaret River


Riflebutts Reserve – Prevelly Beach, Margaret River
Surfers Point Road, Prevelly

This park is nothing short of spectacular!  Nestled in the beautiful beaches of Prevelly, it has so many little features to delight and amaze big and small kids alike!  It would certainly be easy to drive past this one and not even notice!

There’s plenty of room to kick a ball, have a bbq or picnic and just hang out and relax.

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