Changes to Child Care Rebates – What You Need to Know Before July

Do you have one or more children in child care?  The weekly costs can certainly add up can’t they.  Plus it can be really confusing to understand what you’re actually entitled to when it comes to the two subsidies currently available, these being Child Care Benefit (CCB) and the Child Care Rebate (CCR).

Well, even if you have got your head around the way they are currently, it was recently announced that the current subsidies will be changing as of July 2nd 2018.  And, in news just announced, the changes are not going to happen automatically.  We’ve got more information about what you need to do at the end of this post.

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New Play Centre Coming To Busselton!

Have you heard the news?  A brand new Little Monsters Indoor Play Centre and Cafe is coming to Busselton!  It will be situated right in the heart of Busselton, making it an easy place to entertain the kids, while you relax with a coffee.

The new Play Centre in Busselton is due to open mid term 2 – which means it’s around 6 weeks to go – we’ll keep you posted on all the details!

Here’s a video we took while visiting Little Monsters in Margaret River!

 The Play Centre in Busselton will feature:

* Large indoor climbing structure with super slides, ball pit, spiral slide and flying fox.
* Enclosed toddler play area with its own climbing frame, ball pit and toys.
* Enclosed baby area with age specific toys.
* Cafe filled with healthy and tasty food & great coffee (essential, right Mummas?)
* Free Wi-fi
* 3 themed party rooms

Plus they are hoping to bring Laser Tag Parties to the centre at some stage later in the year!  Woo hoo!

If you’ve ever been to Little Monsters Indoor Play Centre in Margaret River, you’ll know just how much fun it is for the kids – it’s definitely one of my boys’ fave places to hang out in the South West!

Stay tuned for more details – we’ll bring you details of the Opening as they come to hand!

Enjoy your weekend!
Kate xx



5 Tips for Self Care When You’re A Busy Mum

5 Tips for self care when you're a busy mum

Self care as a Mum is important not only for yourself, but also your family.  Taking care of yourself and your mental health is paramount for being an awesome Mum. You know, the mum that you are, and the mum you have wanted to be since you first saw those two sweet little eyes staring up at you.

Without taking the time out to care for yourself, you are less likely to be the best version of yourself that there is.  All the aspects in your life can be affected when you don’t care for yourself.  For example, your relationships with your kids and your partner may suffer, and these things can happen without you noticing straight away.

I can hear you groaning as you read this, thinking ‘how can I possibly fit something more into my life?’  I know the feeling, I have three kids under four, work a full-time job juggling pickups and drop offs with my hubby, constantly trying to organise dinner – the list is endless!

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Create Amazing Photo Books WITHOUT Any Effort!

Chatbooks - Create photo books without any effort!

Are you like me and have only the best intentions of creating photo books to hold all your preciousl family memories? Are you also like me and take all of your photos on your iphone, maybe post a few to Facebook and you think one day I'll have time to create the books.

But one day just never comes?

I've found the solution! Seriously, it's a game changer and will mean that you'll finally have the photobooks you want, without actually having to spend days sitting at your computer (because ain't nobody got time for that!).

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Easy Ways to Save for the Family Holiday You Want

Save Money for a family holiday - Easy Ways to save for a family holiday including Micro Investing with Acorns and Earning rewards with CashRewards

It’s been a while since we’ve been on a family holiday – in fact we’ve never really taken the boys on a proper family holiday.  There’s been a few weekends here and there, but nothing that really feels like a holiday should.

It’s something we’d love to do now that we’re out of that baby phase.  We haven’t agreed on a destination just yet, but the Gold Coast is looking promising … although I know hubby would probably prefer a month in Broome!

Wherever we decide to go, it’s going to cost money, lots of it.  Airfares, accomodation … have you seen how much food my kids eat?

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