Mum Hacks to Save Your Time, Money and Sanity

Mum Hacks to Save Your Time, Money and Sanity

There’s no question that Mum life is incredibly busy. Throw in a full time job or running your own business or even just a heap of extra curricular activities and boom – things can get out of control. Sometimes, you need a good mum hack to save you time … and money … and most importantly, your sanity.

I’ve been a mum for 5 years (gosh, it’s gone so fast) and while it’s a relatively short time, I’ve learned a few little hacks to make everyday life a little easier and I wanted to share these tips with you!

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Pizza Hacks for Fussy Kids

Pizza Hacks for Fussy Kids - nutrient dense pizzas even the fussiest kids will eat

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

We eat pizza a lot.  Like more than once a week.

I’m busy.  My 4 year old is pretty fussy.  We all love pizza.

Rather than fight against this, I’ve learned to embrace it and made a few tweaks to our pizzas to make sure that they actually give my kids some kind of nutrition.

I figure, if that’s what he loves, I’m not going to fight about broccoli … I’ll just hide it in a pizza base instead!

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5 Reasons We Love Dinner Twist!

As a busy family, with work commitments, FIFO rosters, play dates, travel – keeping up with the shopping, meal plans, cooking is exhausting.

But what if I told you that you could have home cooked, nutritious meals every night, without planning, shopping or prepping the ingredients.

In fact, all the ingredients and the step by step recipes can be delivered to your door right here in the South West of WA!

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Sour Dough – Make it Without a Starter!

sour dough without a starter

Who doesn’t love sour dough bread, right?

Now I’ve attempted to make the starter so many times, but as a busy mama & running a business, I simply run out of time!  In the past I’ve managed to keep one alive but eventually I get busy and it dies.  Plus every time I want to make sour dough I have to think ahead like 3 days.  Hmmm nope not going to happen here!

Most people I know can’t even get a starter to, well, start!  It generally goes mouldy and never actually gets to the fermentation process.

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