What You Need to Know About the New Cervical Screening Test

Everything you need to know about the new Cervical Screening Test

Ok Mums, are you ready?  We really need to chat.  And yes, it’s that word that makes some of us squirm!  We need to talk about all things vaginal … actually cervical to be precise.

Cervical Screening Test now replaces your Pap Smear

You may have seen that Pap Smears have been replaced by the Cervical Screening Test (we’ll call it the CST).  The best news?  You now need to be tested every 5 years, as opposed to every 2 years.  And it is believed that this test will save 30% more women from enduring cervical cancer.

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Car Restraints – Do you know the rules?

kids in the car

Car restraints.  Love them or hate them, they are law in Australia.

As a mumma to 2 boys, with two cars, we are constantly swapping seats between, changing who sits in the middle, who sits by which window.  Honestly, it can get a bit tedious!  Now throw in that our eldest is in a different seat to his brother.  It starts getting even more confusing!

But it’s safety so you just have to do it.  Even if it means climbing in the boot to attach the anchor points.

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Reveiw – Our Family Getaway to Magical Balingup

magical balingup

Earlier this month we had the absolute privilege to visit the magical town of Balingup. I hadn’t been to Balingup since I was a child and my husband had never been so it was a really lovely place to explore together with our boys.

We were even luckier to be able to stay in a gorgeous little cottage at Balingup Heights Hilltop Forest Cottages.

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