About Us

Hi, I’m Kate, founder of South West Mums.

Hi, I’m Kate, founder of South West Mums.

I love coffee, writing and exploring our beautiful region.  You’ll generally find me at a park somewhere in the South West, coffee in one hand, phone in the other – bringing all the fantastic elements of our region straight to you!

Welcome to South West Mums – the home of Mum Life & Style in the South West.

We’re all about Mum Life with a unique local perspective. If it’s happening in the South West somewhere, you’ll find it here.

There is no shortage of things to do, places to go and destinations to explore in our beautiful region and we want to share all of them with you! We provide loads of information on the best places to visit and explore with your family – from cafes, restaurants, family fun destinations, parks & playgrounds, breweries – we’ve gathered them all in one place for you.

If you’re looking for a business, product or service – we can help you with that too! Where to have your daughter’s birthday party, where to buy your son’s football boots? The best place to find a birthday present for an 8 year old? A beautiful gift for yourself? Massage therapist, doctor, dentist? And anything in between. We’ve got you covered, and then some.

We also want to connect Mums throughout the South West with each other, to create a village to ensure that every mum has someone they can turn to. So come and have a look around, connect with us on social media and most importantly, enjoy our beautiful South West with your family.

I’ll see you somewhere in the South West!


Kate xx