5 Teacher Gifts you can organise NOW!

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As much as we don’t like to admit it, it’s getting to that time of the year!  It’s meant to be the most wonderful time of the year, right?  But for some reason, it ends up being the most stressful time of the year!

We’ve put together five of our favourite teacher gifts – but you could use them for day care carers or whoever you like really!

The best thing is they are all $25 or under and if you purchase now and pop them away, it’s one less thing you need to worry about!

The Coolest Tape Dispenser EVER!

If your child’s teacher is a little bit of a stationery lover (and let’s face it, what teacher isn’t) then this is the perfect gift!  The Unicorn Tape Dispenser!

Actually you might need to order two because you’re going to want to keep this one!

5 Teacher Gifts you can organise now.
You know you want one … for your child’s teacher I mean …


Succulents are definitely trending right now.  And becasue of that they can be expensive.  But we’ve got a great hack that’s going to save you loads – and impress your child’s teacher with a fantastic living gift when the time comes.

I have a huge collection of succulents that I am constantly breaking pieces off and re growing new ones.  But you literally only need a few plants to create a mini terranium. If you’ve got a friend with a big collection, ask if you can break a few pieces off.

The best thing is, if you start it now, you’ll have some unique living gifts in time for the end of term.  We even used some funky jars left over from jams & salsas and they looked great!

Here are some that we gifted our boys’ day carers last year.

A beautiful Scarf

A scarf gives you the ability to change an outfit with just a single accessory.  You can see why they’re popular with teachers!  We’ve found some beautiful options at Lime & Soda Scarf Co – and the best part is, they’re all under $25!  You can grab these now and pop them away for the end of term.

Club in!

A great way to get your child’s teacher something memorable would be for all the parents to pool their money and buy something bigger together.  There are loads of ways you could do this and options you could gift.  Make sure that everyone contributes an agreed sum – it doesn’t have to be huge, that’s the great thing about all clubbing in together!

Depending on the amount you have to spend, you could organise your child’s teacher a night away at a lovely hotel or B & B, a restaurant voucher or voucher to their favourite store,

If you’re keen for this option, check out Group Together, for an easy way to collect money from multiple people.

Stationery Box

All teachers LOVE stationery … and this is a cute DIY that older kids can help you with – and when I say help, I mean they will try to hoard said stationery.

But it’s a cost effective, personalised gift you can organise this week and pop away ready for end of term.  This one has been created by Hi Sugarplum and is oh so cute!

But take advantage of discount stationary bins, Kmart, Target … you get the drift!

Create a box of teacher gift goodness for under $25!
Any teacher would love this thoughtful gift!


Got some other ideas?  We’d love to hear them!  You can comment below or head back across to our Facebook Page.

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sm mums familyKate is the Founder & Director or South West Mums.  Something you might not know about Kate is that she went to uni to become an Italian teacher!  While she ended up in a completely different direction, her love of stationery has remained.  Now a Mum of 2 crazy, lego loving boys, Kate spends her days building a village throughout the South West, connecting Mums to the best of our region, as well as each other.





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